Staff in profile – Danny Steele

My name is Danny Steele and I am the tax manager at Accru Hobart. 

I have seen Accru Hobart change from the small business started by my father, to being a member of the Accru family with connections all over the world.

I enjoy working closely with our everyday clients, and am an expert in helping them sort through ATO issues.  I take an interest in my clients, remembering their situations from year to year, which helps me to ask the right questions to get the best possible outcomes for their situations.  I keep my knowledge up-to-date, which allowed me to help our clients understand and work through impacts Covid-19 has had on their income and expenses.

When not at work, I enjoy travelling the state, and have a real passion for our aquatic friends and take the time when I can to go SCUBA diving.  Working at Accru Hobart gives me some flexibility so I can indulge in my extra curricular activities.

About the Author
Danny Steele , Hobart
Danny’s authentic and people focused approach to accounting makes him a favourite of our clients. He takes an interest in the lives of all his clients, ensuring his service is tailored for everyone’s unique situation.
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