CFO Services

Many organisations require high level financial analysis and advice on a regular basis, but have no need for a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This is where Accru’s CFO services can assist.

With limited resources at their disposal, organisations are often challenged to develop achievable strategic plans and ensure they have the right financial management in place.

Strategic advice at a fraction of the cost

Our CFO service allows you to access the higher level skills you need to make informed decisions, identify issues and improve efficiencies, without the cost of hiring a full-time person.

We can give you as much or as little financial support as you require, with services tailored to the needs of your organisation. As well as CFO level support, we can provide you with an entire outsourced accounting department to provide professional, cost-effective support for your organisation.

Accru has been offering outsourced CFO services to clients for 20 years. We have become an integral part of their business model and have supported many organisations in taking their operations to the next level.

Comprehensive support

Accru’s CFO Services include:

  • Accounting and finance functions
    • Integrated financial budgeting and forecasting
    • Establishing financial and operational KPIs
    • Management reporting system design and implementation – monthly financials, analysis of financial results, targets, analysis of KPIs as a driver of the organisations performance
  • Risk management
  • Strategy development assistance
  • Performance measures
    • Business performance and issues
    • Operational advice
    • Sales and marketing advice
    • Systems and technology advice
    • Human resource and staff advice
  • Value creation
  • Leadership.
About Us

Accru is an award-winning network of Australian accounting firms


“Accru Hobart has supported our business development, due diligence and governance responsibilities for over six years. Our ongoing relationship is a testament to their professionalism, ability to understand our needs and provide specialised, professional support at a competitive rate.”


Our people are naturally experts in their field. With a team of 200 across Australia, you’ll find a myriad of skills to help manage your business and financial challenges.


In medicine, the word profit can garner negative connotations. Often, we see doctors who run practices that make hardly any profit.


Improve your business performance and achieve superior return.


Accru is an award-winning network of independently-owned accounting firms in Australia. We help businesses grow, thrive and generate wealth for their owners…

Accru CFO Experts
Amanda is an experienced tax professional who works with clients to help them achieve their business and personal goals. This involves assisting them with their accounting and taxation requirements whilst also looking past the numbers to truly understand what is important to them and how we can work together to achieve this.
With over 21 years experience advising small-to-medium businesses, he is able to communicate complex issues in an easy-to-understand way to his clients.
Marcus has been working with owners of small-to-medium sized businesses for the past 10 years and thoroughly enjoys playing an active role in helping to build client relationships whether it be through proactive tax planning measures or merely acting as a sounding board.
Tim specialises in helping clients plan for the future with a focus on maximising business value.
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