Valuations and Advisory


Ascertain the true value of your business and identify ways to improve its value.

Succession Planning

Create a plan for the future so you can groom successors and enjoy the rewards of having built a business.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Sales

Support to achieve the best outcome in any merger, acquisition or sale.

Business Turnaround

Practical recommendations for changes that will lower costs and increase revenue.

Due Diligence

As a potential purchaser, how do you know if the business you want to buy is what you think it is? It’s often what’s not said by the business owner in these situations that is most important.

About Us

Accru is an award-winning network of Australian accounting firms.


“I appreciate the regular meetings with Michael at Accru Hobart to help improve the profitability of my business.”


Our people are naturally experts in their field. With a team of 200 across Australia, you’ll find a myriad of skills to help manage your business and financial challenges.


If you run a business with an unrelated party, you really need to think about a Shareholders Agreement. It is common for small businesses to run on a handshake, and whilst this can work at first it can also end in heartbreak.


Managing and forecasting your tax liabilities and understanding compliance obligations.


Accru is an award-winning network of independently-owned accounting firms in Australia. We help businesses grow, thrive and generate wealth for their owners…

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