Cross-border M&A Advisory

A successful cross-border M&A provides strategic benefits such as economies of scale, market synergies, and vertical or horizontal integration. They can also be a way to gain regional scale and skills to complement your existing business or free funds to focus on other ventures. However, the process of a cross-border merger, acquisition or sale can be complex.

Our international business clients often expand their operations in Australia by acquiring an existing Australian business, while our Australian business clients may merge or sell to larger regional companies, especially in the Asia-Pacific.  We can help you implement these transactions effectively.

For business mergers, acquisitions and sales involving foreign-owned companies, our experience with cross-border transactions helps to guide you through the regulatory, financial & operational issues to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

Buying, merging with or selling an Australian company

In Australia, the most common ways to implement a merger or acquisition are a Scheme of Arrangement or Off-Market Takeover. You can sell an Australian company by either a business sale or a share sale.  Our article on Merger & Acquisition planning provides more details.

A range of Australian regulators are involved in approving M&A transactions. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), who administers the Corporations Act, is Australia’s main regulator of mergers and acquisitions.  Large or cross-border M&A transactions may also involve the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and overseas authorities.

Our cross-border m&a advisory services

Accru Felsers provides international business directors with practical assistance to implement a range of transactions, complementing your resources as you require. Some clients only require due diligence for an acquisition or merger target, while others rely on us to lead the whole transaction, from strategy through analysis to negotiations.

Our approach is hands-on, so we identify deal breakers and key issues at an early stage. Our financial and tax due diligence of target companies tells you the full story behind the numbers so you have a basis for valuation, contract and integration decisions. We can then coordinate with all parties involved in the transaction, review legal documentation, and work closely with you throughout the process.

Accru Felsers specialises in tax structuringdue diligence, and valuations. We offer transaction support for:

  • Raising finance
  • Restructuring
  • Divestments and carve-outs
  • Joint-ventures
  • Initial public offerings
  • Capital raisings
  • Vendor due diligence and exit options

Accru Felsers international M&A advisors

All Accru Felsers international business advisors are degree qualified, Chartered Accountants and Members of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). Our team includes partners with postgraduate qualifications, such as Masters of International Taxation, who are familiar with international and Australian business systems and cultures. We have bilingual German, French, Chinese, Malaysian and Tamil speaking accountants on staff to clarify matters with you or other parties when needed.

Learn more about our lead international M&A advisors Glenda Nixon and Rebecca Beitzel.

Our cross-border M&A advisory work in Australia 

Accru Felsers has played a key role in many successful international business mergers, acquisitions & sales. Here is a small sample:

  • Lead advisor for the sale of a vertically integrated sailmaking company to a UK affiliate company, retaining the Australian owner as Australian Managing Director.
  • Lead advisor for a Malaysian hotel group’s acquisition of an iconic $140m hotel in Australia, which included due diligence.
  • Lead advisor for the high profile takeover of our client, an Australian data driven ad agency, by Japanese multimedia giant.
  • Due diligence for a German industrial distributor to buy an Australian competitor and achieve a successful horizontal integration.

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