Courtney Telega

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Courtney is passionate about providing financial peace of mind to her clients and she loves working with business owners who are passionate about their product and business too.

She seeks to discover her clients’ true long-term aspirations – both business and personal – then help to develop long-term strategies, and manageable, short-term goals and actions to achieve their ambitions.

Having started at Accru in 2007, Courtney has developed broad tax and accounting knowledge. One of her core strengths is providing end-to-end tax and accounting support to small-to-medium sized businesses with a high focus on driving profitability and value.

In recent years, Courtney has specialised in valuing businesses, both local and interstate. She has been recognized by the ICAA as a Business Valuation Specialist, and together with Tim Lane, has built strong valuations capabilities for the financial services sector.

Courtney’s expertise and professional network ensures her clients get the most out of the valuations process, particularly those needing a valuation for due diligence, family law, performance enhancement, succession planning or insurance purposes.

Courtney is always open to new experiences. In 2013, she took the opportunity to work with Accru’s affiliate firm in Washington DC, gaining valuable experience with large corporate clients and strengthening her knowledge of US taxes.


Professional qualifications and memberships

  • Bachelor of Business
  • Chartered Accountant, Member of Chartered Accountant Australia and New Zealand
  • CA Business Valuation Specialist

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